Scott Close, M.Sc P.Geo


From shovel to mine, and over 10,000 hours in the field, Scott and his team at Ethos Geological generate opportunities using structural geology, metals and hands-on experience to bridge teams, data and exploration to unlock success. 

Rick Sandri, Ph.D

Chief Operations, Mining Economist & Business Development

In the last two years, Rick managed acquisition and control over 10,000 square kilometers and 37 different mining projects.  Bottles or bibles, he knows how to do a deal, and what projects will make cents.

Ron Phillips

Investment Strategist

North America based analyst for Terra Capital, an experienced mining investor performing research and due diligence on mining companies with an emphasis on opportunities in the Americas.

Paige Ahrens, B.Sc

Project Manager

Graduating from Carleton University in 2016, Paige has grown from remote green-brownfields exploration programs managing advanced drill campaigns focused on resource definition.

Ben Somps, B.Sc

Project Geologist

Graduating from Montana State University Bozeman in 2016, Ben is an experienced field mapper, core logger, and technical leader.